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Live Aid 25 Years on

July 23, 2010

It’s now 25 years since an angry washed-up, un-washed Irishman organised the gig of all gigs to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. The anniversary has led to the BBC repeating a 2-part documentary on the momentous day (originally aired to coincide with Live 8, five years ago). Easily one of the best retrospectives I’ve seen in a long time.

Not only was it a balanced and intimate look at Sir Bob (Midge Ure’s influence has significantly dwindled over time!) but it it impacted heavily in showing the staggering scale of the event in the time frames they had to work with. Using the temperamental satellite technology of the era and demonstrating a significant share of bloody-mindedness, Geldoff and Ure manged to pull off an awesome global phenomenon that only continues to become more and more significant as a defining moment of the 20th Century. All done with out the aid of Twitter.

Also worth adding is Queen’s performance on the day. Surely this is one of the greatest displays we’ll ever see of one man holding the world in the palm of his hand. Most bands take a whole set to get warmed up. Against all the doubters Freddie Mercury hit the Wembley stage running and never looked back.

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