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July 26, 2010

In my first philosophy lecture at college, my tutor fuelled our thirst for the subject by reeling off paradoxes and metaphysical conundrums that litter the annals of philosophical enquiry. Throwing up and resolving these conundrums revealed insights. The joy of revealing these ephiphanies – the understanding the inner nature of things – was the reason that kept me coming back.

Stumbling upon an insight enables you to see a truth about the world. It changes you, rewards you, helps you complete one more part of life’s complex puzzle. Similarly in advertising, insights are still those things that make you go, “ahhh”.

I went “ ahhh” a lot this weekend.

I saw Inception. Streets ahead of anyhting else I’ve seen in ages, it featured a remarkable cast glued together with a mind-blowing story (ten years in the writing!) and an awe inspiring look and feel. Some scenes looked like something you’d marvel at in any museum of contemporary art. I was totally blown away.

Inception is a truckload of insights and moments of epiphany wrapped up in an incredible piece of cinema. Like it’s namesake it’s a film that reveals these ‘ahhh’ moments to the audience and allows you the freedom to mull them over, own that thought process, and find answers for yourself.

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