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Not Worth Nu-Raving About!

August 23, 2010

Remember the Klaxons? Talismans of the lazily baptised ‘nu-rave’ scene of ’07 and previous winners of the Mercury Prize. Surely career strides like this for a band with only a debut to date, mark the roots of a particaurly potent rock poison chalice? 

Their follow-up is out today. A ‘record of compromise’ as the NME deemed it, due to the fact that what you hear isn’t what the band had originally intended when they set about on following up Myths of the Near Future. Upon listening to the original blueprint, the record label were left unimpressed and told the band to head straight back into the studio and deliver something more tuneful. Something that would sell.

Already, this feels like an uncomfortable starting point for a band trying to stay at the forefront of hipster cool.

Problem is, all the teenage hipsters who bought the album 3 years ago have put the glo sticks down and moved on. Just look at American Apparel. Their founder, Dov Charney,  has conceeded that his brand’s  recent fashio u-turn, is because ‘no-one wants to be a hipster anymore’. They’re losign money and have desperately changed course.

With this in mind and when looking at the video for the Klaxon’s comeback single, I can’t help but feel these guys have missed the boat. Acts like Empire of the Sun and MGMT filled the void they left and did the whole kooky/post-apocalyptic/dancing in the desert nonsense to death. MGMT being a particualry good example of a band who followed up their huge debut hit with a comparative flop (despite the quality and ambition of the music). The pop zeitgesit has shifted. Where once the day-glo brigade offered something new and novel, the shift has occured. We’re back to black.

I hate to say, as it feels waaaay too obvious to point out, but the Klaxons have been swallowed by the wave of novelty that took them to such great heights. And worse still, they’re attempting to ride this wave again.

Maybe they’re aware of this impossible situation they find themselves in with the record title ‘Surfing the Void’. Or maybe they don’t. I mean, they could become the next Darkness!

My point is, the tide’s out, chaps.

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