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September 21, 2010

Weezer have a new record out. Yes, another one. To launch Hurley, they’ve taken over all them big viral channels that made stars of ordinary people over night.

They may have been around a while, but it’s pleasing to see an old band teaching the kids new tricks.

Check out the Weezer water-mark left on the likes of  FredRay William JohnsonAuto-Tune the NewsKey of AwesomeReal Annoying OrangeHot For WordsOnision,Keep The HeatMysteryGuitarManStSandersMisc (Kiss Shreds)Tay ZondayMagic Hugs and Dave Days.

Is there a YouTube viral star scene? Do they all hang out together once they’ve left their bedrooms? Where will this lot be in twenty years? If they’re lucky, they’ll still be as relevant as Weezer.

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