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For the Record, I don’t ‘like’ Mark Ronson

September 27, 2010

Just been playing with the Mark Ronson mixing desk that he’s built with to promote his new album ‘Record Collection’. Another magical mixing machine, except it’s not. And the fact i had to ‘like’ it on his website just to have a go, makes me feel vaguely used.

Surely we’ve seen the last of this sort of thing? Its no good going down the mash-up route if what comes out of it is this – a pretty forgettable bland blue and black experience. Give people a licence to mix and then they want to feel that what they create stands alone. Is solid and is worthy in itself. 

Still Radiohead’s remix stems set the bar for me. The beauty of mass-mashup culture is that the technology avaialble to us makes it easy for everyone to do, and in getting everyone to do it, this doesn’t mean we should spare the quality of our mashing.

And if we are going to venture down the cheap and cheerful route, then at least make the interface fun and userfriendly – ala classic Do the Daft.


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