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The Remix is Dead…Long Live The Mix!

October 12, 2010

This summer, Shakira (yes, her who’s hips don’t lie) wowed the Glastonbury crowd with a cover of the XX’s ‘Islands’. Lots of Ooooh and Ahhhhs ensued as here we had a major international pop force of nature covering a little up and coming UK indie outfit. Needless to say, the cover became a hugely talked about on the net. But said live performance was only half complete and wasn’t a full song. Oh no! Well, it is now. A studio version has been made available online after fans pieced the track back together. It’s truly brilliant that people loved the original  live snippet so much to want to invest such time in producing a tidily refined version themselves! Genius!

Artists have distributed chunks of their music in strands before, namely Radiohead’s Nude and Reckoner remixable releases as well as the Flaming Lips who gave us (their technological ambition now rather sweet in retrospect) Zaireeka in ’97 – an album that only made sense if you played all 4 CDs at exactly the same time. But is there more of a treasure hunt that the listener can (perhaps should) be forced to play to unlock the free music they seek?  What other delicious musical puzzles might we see in the future?

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