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October 19, 2010


I feel I shouldn’t, but I really rather like the new Droga campaign to promote Jay-Z’s memoirs. Beginning yesterday, reproductions of entire pages of the book have started to appear unannounced in random ambient settings.

Amazingly, much of the media space taken up by the content is not even charging for it’s use. It seems Jay-Z is such a draw, the likes of top hotels and bars are scrabbling to be a part of the Jay-Z campaign.

But this is more than just a big bit of print and paste. This is a scavenger hunt that works both on and offline through a neat tie-in and prominently branded partner in the form of Bing search. Stick that in your trans-media pipe, why don’tcha!

Players who are the first to discover the pages will be eligible to win a signed copy of the book and the grand prize, a trip to Las Vegas to see Jay-Z and Coldplay concert.

Is it easier for an artist to do this kind of thing than an inanimate product brand? Yes, but there in lies the magic and alchemy of advertising. THe likes of Old Spice have created a proposition so appealing, I imagine these kinds of brands could get similarly close to pulling off something like this.

But for now, it’s all about Jay-Z. Written high and wide across America. The big print giveth, I just hope they don’t spoil the ending.

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