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Projeqt: The Creative Storytelling Platform

October 20, 2010


This sounds exciting and there’s been a fair bit of chat about how great this is going to be, but until I get a chance to play with it on the Beta invite I’m still a little bit confused as to what it’s going to offer me.

Apparently, Projeqt plays “….nicely with the other social platforms out there so you can embed your videos from YouTube or Vimeo, post pictures from your Flickr account, include RSS feeds from your blog or even your Tweets. Through Projeqt, you can orchestrate all these integral pieces of content to form one coherent story. And then share that story with the world in exactly the way you want it to be heard.”

This is TBWA’s content management system which also serves as a tool to allow employees to tell their own story with material spanning multiple platforms. The thought of this being a swift and intuitive way of telling a story across mediums, aswell as making on-line communication even more personal of the author, is exciting enough.

But it’s also got a groovy name with a ‘q’ instead of a ‘c’. Very cool.

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