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Why you can’t beat a decent ‘Cog’

October 28, 2010

With media convergence moving faster and faster, watch makers probably reacted to Steve Jobs’ presentation of the new iPod Nano in a slightly different way to the rest of us.

You can show off your music as a badge, it clips neatly about your person – look – you can even wear it as a dainty wristwatch! joy of joys!

This article was a nice little read: . Some decent thoughts about redundant tech and how attached we become to our favourite utility devices. It’s the digital natives who may stop reaching for their wristwatches.

For me, what we’re looking at here is a digital dilemma choice. ‘Vintage’ still plays a part in the real world and enough people talk about all things vintage in the digital world as it is. Hipstomatic camera apps even go as far as to recreate that rich authenticity using new tech.  If anything, I think non-digital technoliges will tot up more and more of a premium as digital ‘things’ proliferate.

[Could brands get involved here and position themselves as safe-houses for the tech that is disappearing?]

If I were Casio, I’d be scared. Time might just be up.  If I were Rolex – well, clockwork doesn’t play by the same rules. Clockwork is a work of art (just ask William Paley).

Clockwork is and will be timeless.

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