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Reinventing the Music Video via the Wheel

November 23, 2010

Yep, that Scottish dude on the bicycle who dicks on gravity is back with a new video. April 09’s Inspired Bicycles blew everyone away.

2010’s effort is just as good. Love the settings and another intriguing choice of musical accompaniment. How did he source the music for this? Is it just a track he likes? There must be loads of labels queuing up to get their music blaring over the top of an instant viral hit like this.

Arguably it’s down to a guy and his bike that made such a huge hit out of Band of Horses track The Funeral. It was MacAskill’s mate Dave Sowerby who picked the song for the April 09 film (now with well over 20 million views and counting).

Check out the below article on how they sought clearance for it. No legal checks were passed until the video started to get millions of views. The more people started tuning into the video the record label saw the marketing potential and asked only that Inspired Bicycles credit the track and offer a viewers a chance to buy it on iTunes.

Better than a music video. More economical than a multi-million dollar promotion campaign.

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