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Brand Me

February 1, 2011

Ever get that feeling, when you’re working late at night, that the banal narrative you’re living out could in some ways be part of a movie.

I get this occasionally. Normally it happens when I’m bored or the setting i’m in isn’t quite living up to the promise that a lifetime of cinema-going has drilled into me. All aspects of my own personal movie come into play. ‘Ooh, this would make a good shot right now; what kind of song would soundtrack this meeting?; can I weave this chance encounter at the coffee bar into a montage?

Narcissistic of course, but with all the social media and ‘brand me’ technophenalia that litter our lives, it’s not hard to see how the world is becoming so very much ‘all about me’.

We are sold a dream – a dream we too can dream, which lights up our dullest being.

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  1. February 1, 2011 2:58 pm

    …and here’s the reverse.

    I’m terribly confused by all this blurring of reality.

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