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Google’s Art Project

February 2, 2011

Street View for art galleries. There’s still some gremlins to weed out from the functionality (I got stuck in front of a Holbein for about 3 minutes – and that wasn’t down to his entrancing plays on perspective), but I found this lots of fun. The detail on the close ups is brilliant and the satisfaction of wandering around at leisure (when not getting stuck) is as rewarding in here as it is walking around the real thing.

Bring on the rest of the exhibits….including the gifts shops. Put me in front of the postcards display and I can get them all done in one sitting.

The exciting thing with these kinds of projects is surely that soon we won’t even need to label stuff like this. It’ll just be the Googleview of everything. all our behaviours will be catered for. We can already stroll down the street from our armchairs; we’ll soon be able to buy and browse with a completely different interface to the one we’re used to on shopping websites; I’ve already been to the cinema in a similar vein thanks to Absolute’s brilliant I’m Here film project 12 months ago….and so on…

Nowhere is safe from the all-seeing eye of the Googlemonster. Thank God he’s got such a good eye for aesthetics.

Don’t be evil.

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