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“These aren’t the ideas you’re looking for”

February 4, 2011

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away – the 70s – Star Wars became the most amazing piece of sci-fi magic ever to come out of the head of a bearded human being. Then in the 80s, it got even better and then through the early 90s it became so legendary and revered that it occupied not only a very special place in my heart but also every available piece of ‘wall’ in my bedroom.

Then in 1999 something truly awful happened. Star Wars became a very long, drawn-out, slow-moving piece of fecal sci-fi matter that took six years to eek out of the metaphorical bum-cheeks of Lucas-ville.

Not even a marker pen; it  was like hairy George had taken a ‘bic biro’ to the Mona Lisa.

So that was 6 years ago, and since then I’ve moved on. I no longer have Boba Fett adorning my door, rather I have a nice Ikea-bought-print which makes me look and feel like a grown-up. In the time it’s taken Boba to tun into Ikea,  it seems that Star Wars is intent on licensing its assets to every ad and brand going. We’ve had Curry’s playing host to the Droids, Adidas throwing a party in Mos Eisley, and now even Darth Vader has been sent out on maneuvers with VW …curiously, this incarnation of Mr Vader is even more menacing than the one we saw at the end of episode 3. Looking back, it’s not hard to see why.

My beef is not with Star Wars this time. It’s no secret that Hairy George built most of his ‘Empire’ off the back of his licensing deals. What gets me now is how lazy it can make some of the output that uses the content.

Just the other day, someone sent me an email containing a link to the VW ad with the words – ‘brilliant advert’ penned neatly below the URL link. Is it? Is it brilliant? To me it says nothing about the car. Yes, it’s Star Wars, and yes, despite the evils George inflicted on the world during the JAr Jar years, Star Wars is still fun. But come on, is this not just a tad lazy?

The Adidias ad is brilliant. With it’s incongruous blend of music legends and storm-troopers it kept me engrossed until the end. But, surely a great ad takes more than just falling back on the power of a globally adored franchise. Great ads go further.

The Force alone does not a great ad make.

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