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Bring On The Yuppies Networking

February 21, 2011

The radiohead album is here, the radiohead album is here! Which means everyone in the building will be defaulting to Thom et al for the next 6 months when looking fro creative inspiration and strategic nouse behind the delivery and consumption of content offerings. Only, the release of King of Limbs feels like a strangely subdued affair for a band so commonly associated with innovation both in sound and in band behaviour. Rumour has it that KOL (that’s King of Limbs, not the Kings of Leon) is only half of a double album. Maybe this is explains why all guns aren’t blazing for this particular chapter in such a hotly anticipated release. Maybe it’s just because I love Radiohead and expect the world to tilt slightly off it’s axis when Jonny Greenwood so much as turns on an amp. Nevertheless, I tihnk it’s fair to say that the hubub around the revolutionary release of In Rainbows has almost conditioned a lot of us to the prospect of a follow-up that would shake the tree once more. But aside from a delightfully crafted £30 box set and a video that makes Thom look like a West-Country drunk at a bus-stop, the new release feels short on fanfare….their end, at least.

The album is sexy – a given. It was always going to be. But in terms of activation, application and user participation Radiohead are ripe for mashing right now. Looking forward to seeing what ‘the people’ do to fill the chasm of expectation

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