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Is Classical Dead?

May 23, 2011

This I found interesting.

And I’m reading Listen To This by Alex Ross, so I found it even more interesting.

Classical music may well not be delivered in the most ‘young-person-friendly-manner’, but at its core it speaks the same language as everyone. This is more a debate about live performance. Yes, it does feel a tad snooty when going to see a concert performed. The code of behaviour feels palpable, and you can’t just break out the glowsticks willy-nilly. But hold on, as Ross points out in the brilliant third chapter from his book, although performance is a sticking point, modern tech has put Classical music “back in the mix“. Only this morning, i walked to work and had a bit of both Schubert and Stereolab as i walked along Regent’s Street.

The real problem is more that our attention spans have diminished. There is so much music these days that quite often the skip button kicks in as default. To the Grandmaster Fry’s point, I worry that alot of us (me included) don’t have the patience we perhaps should to get the most out of the sounds we hear. Patience takes effort, after all.

But anywho, if Classical performance is dead to the young, then surely this makes it a ripe target for some exciting subversion. Come on people, make something scary happen…

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