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Kaiser Chiefs Try ‘A Radiohead’….hmmm?

June 3, 2011










Check this out!

How does this work? If you sell an album you get a pound? Friend’s will buy from friends’. I’d buy one, but I’d want to design my own. The fans will buy two just to get all 20 tracks. I really like this. If they pull it off, this could be super cool for Wieden + Kennedy London and Universal Music.

Maybe it will reignite the fortunes of Kaiser Chiefs who’ve struggled to find decent employment since, well, their debut Employment. You might say this is a sad gimmick which puts the music secondary to the story. Fans will have to shell out for double units, when the band could have been kinder and released a double album. But, remember, this is the Kaiser Chiefs we’re talking about. They’ve never really been just about the music. They’re bubblegum boobs who swing their pants and jump about the stage like tubby toads, even though they’re in their mid 30s. Without gimmicks like this, KC would be looking at the line-up on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. With this at least, they stand a chance of getting back on the radar. Not for their music, but for what they are and always were.

I’m intrigued to see a fleshing out of the business model and how they nail the design tools.Plus, everyone likes a good re-imagining. Have a gander at these too.


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