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The Danny Dyer Kaiser Chief Experiment

June 6, 2011


Remember when Twitter first launched and users started opening accounts under the pretense that they were famous celebrities? Well, i gave the same thing ago with the aforementioned Kaiser Chiefs album launch. Having studied the band’s demographic, I thought I might stand a chance of making some of my money back if i masqueraded as actor and natural selection denier, Danny ”Ave it!’ Dyer. I put myself in the mindset of Danny and became him for the day. The username said Danny, the artwork said Danny, and the song choices were exactly the kind one might expect from Britain’s foremost mentioned ‘lad abaat taaan’.

Turns out, after a weekend, only I bought Danny’s album…and that was me.

True, my seeding plan was decidedly lackluster (i stuck a link on Facebook and tired to send a tweet to someone…i think) but only Ricky Wilson, lead singer of the KC, seems to have had any luck in terms of sales, and at the time of writing he’s only sold an appropriately band-bawdy 69 copies. Not exactly hot cakes.

Of course, the success of this innovative album launch won’t rest solely on the number of copies sold on by fans, but a big part of it’s lasting talkability might be dented if the numbers don’t pick up. Time will tell.

I blame Danny Dyer.



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