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“Bread makes you fat?”

September 6, 2011


The Scott Pilgrim movie is good, isn’t it. Yes, it cost $85 million to make and only took $47,664,559 at the box office, but it’s been such a long time since I saw a film both so innovatively nostalgic and brilliantly forward-facing. I’m totally in awe of it all. The characters, the actors, the icons,  the 1-ups, the Seinfeld pastiche, the soundtrack with an enchanting Beachwood Sparks cover of Sade’s By Your Side

Yes, you have done well Mr Edgar Wright. Spunk that budget up the wall. Because true success isn’t just measured by arse impressions on cinema seats.

Thank the lord this brilliant little big film managed to live, then die a little bit before blossoming on Blu-Ray.

[Nb. being both innovatively nostalgic and brilliantly forward-facing is a good thing, by the way]


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