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This is lovely.

November 16, 2012

This is lovely.


Staggering Beauty

November 16, 2012

Staggering Beauty

They Live!

November 16, 2012

Get ’em cheap but don’t skimp on the funnies

March 9, 2012

You Cannot Be Young AND Wise….take note.

February 14, 2012

Some Footbally Thoughts

January 30, 2012
The excitement of the summer is creeping up on me. Not only the Olympics but a European Championship to look forward to. In anticipation, I’ve been revisiting the Beeb’s back catalogue of opening title credits. What’s scary, is just how formative these stings have become to entire generations. Pavarotti will, for me, always be synonymous with the beautiful game. What a great moment this was. When high art became a defining democratic moment for football fans all over Britian.
Plus, I’m going to put my balls on the table and say that the Cruyff turn captured on camera here is one of the most beautiful pieces of imagery ever burnt to film. Yes. He looks balletic. The defender looks like a massive plonker.

In the Mood for an Edit

January 24, 2012

Working in ad-world, it can (on occasion) be easy to slip into shared ways of thinking that don’t reflect your gut instincts.

As such, I’d be lying if i said i didn’t sneer a little when I first saw the above ‘Legacy’ ad from W&K.

“It’s just a mood edit!” i whispered to a friend.

Ah, the ‘mood edit’. That fine piece of pitch theatre, in which a brand idea is brought to life through the medium of cobbled-together images of spectacle and wonder that fit ‘said brand idea’s’ description.

“It’s about ‘Colour’, Mr client-person.” Cue a raft of rainbows, some Dutch tulip displays and a scene from Amelie.

“It’s essence lies in ‘childhood’.” Quick! Get me a Go Team Soundtrack and a shed load of Wild Things. Come on Karen O, get involved – luzz us that DVD of Mary Poppins.

So to ‘Legacy’. Yep, Levi’s. I buy that. But surely I’ve seen all this generic imagery before?

Well, yes. But it looks cool. And it fits the brand. And I like the Bukowski VO. And, damn it, whilst sat there in that dingy cinema last June, I genuinely did feel a little tingle of something once glimpsed.

If i’m honest, i like it. I reckon it’s lazy to assume that the ‘mood edit’ formula is an ineffectual way of speaking to audiences.

If it’s good enough for clients on pitch day, then it’s good enough for you at home.